Rebuilding Hope on Wheels Initiatives
This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of persons with disabilities particularly wheelchair users and those affected by Spinal Cord Injury /Dysfunction .RHOWI being a change agent is committed to fostering an inclusive society that enables people with disabilities to live fully –engaged lives like any other citizen. At present, RHOWI is at the forefront of disability rights movement, removing barriers to people with disabilities so they live a future they envision .Our staff and volunteers combine knowledge and personal experiences to deliver programs and services to towards producing fully integrated and empowered participants in our society by rebuilding lives.

The idea to initiate Rebuilding Hope on Wheels Initiatives might be simply said to emanate from the initiator,Amina Rahma Audu’s personal, practical and of course very challenging experience as a survivor of spinal cord injury for the past 32 years. The sad fact is that, damaging one’s spinal cord can happen in an instant and life changing .It affects every aspect of your life and those closest to you .The repercussions are not purely physical. Consequently, Many people feel isolated and become pessimistic about living with disabilities. The future therefore may seem a bleak place and even the modest of life’s milestone, such as graduating from school, getting employed; going on a holiday become a mere daydream. Many victims become wheelchair bound for the rest of their lives and for some become dependent on others with the perpetual need of assistance for basic self care.
Many of those consequences associated with spinal cord injury are not due to the the condition itself but from inadequate medical care and rehabilitation services as well as from barriers in the physical, social and environment.
Thus, RHOWI recognizes these barriers which restrict participation and undermine quality of life. Ongoing medical care for spinal cord injury/ Dysfunction survivors and inpatients, schools, places of employment, hospitals, banks, and polling stations are sadly inaccessible to wheelchair users’ .Therefore it is RHOWI mandate to increase participation and eliminate barriers.

Our Vision

A society without barriers for persons with disabilities

Our Mission

Enhance independence ,dignity and unlimited opportunities for persons with disabilities and those affected by spinal cord injuries to be fully integrated and empowered participants in the society.

Promote increased understanding, knowledge and positive perception of people with disabilities especially those affected by SCI/D
Campaign for positive change in health care and policy so that the needs of spinal injured people /Dysfunction are recognized and therefore addressed.
Ensuring the SCI/D survivors and patients in hospitals are given the best specialized care by advising and training for professionals.
Campaign for the establisment of a skilled Rehabilitation Center and mental health services to maximize functioning, independence, overall wellbeing and community integration.
Promote strategies to ensure survivors are knowledgeable about their own health condition.
Campaign on accessibility to create an inclusive society.

Thematic Areas
Health –HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Nutrition, wound care,
Income and Livelihood
Peace building
Awareness raising