Pressure Ulcer Prevention Tips

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Tips

Do pressure releases every 15 to 20 minutes.

• Check your skin twice a day using a mirror.

• Change your position in bed and in your chair frequently.

• Learn transfer techniques to avoid dragging your skin across surfaces.

• Be careful to avoid bumping and scraping.

• Keep your skin conditioned and clean, and do not expose your skin to urine or stool.

• Avoid prolonged sitting on wet clothes or moist surfaces.

• Eat a nutritious diet and drink adequate fluids.

• Properly maintain and check your cushions.

• Maintain a healthy weight; avoid becoming overweight.

• Wear shoes that are one size larger than you wore prior to your injury. This will help prevent blisters and pressure on your feet and toes.

• Don’t massage darkened areas.
Do not use heat lamps or try to dry out pressure ulcers. If you have a pressure ulcer, or think one may be developing, contact your healthcare provider and stay off of the area. Pressure ulcers are treated differently than other types of injuries or skin problems. An examination will help determine how much damage there is, and whether infection is present. You may need to restrict your activity and use special dressings that help protect the area while it heals. In severe cases, surgery, hospitalisation, medication, and skin grafts may be needed.

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