Improving your living independently

INDEPENDENCY is a Mindset. It is attainable for all individuals. Love yourself and accepting the new you is a major factor in living an independent life, appreciate the little you can do and strive for more feats, refuse to put yourself under any form of pressure. In your new life patience is one of the most important and most beautiful attributes you’ll have to imbibe, it will surely make you listen, understand, forgive, forget, endure, take quality decision and move on in life.

To live an independent life, you don’t have to see yourself at the mercy of others, you can only give people chance to take advantage of you, in order to discourage this; no matter how small strive to meet needs, be responsible and don’t give room for self pity because it is a dangerous disease which will take you nowhere. For our day to day activity/independency:

• Don’t be too far from your Doctor for adequate advice, caution and medical intervention when and where necessary.

• If you have any, don’t joke with prescriptions and medication for healthier life.

• Modify your apartment to suit your new life, just make it in such a way that will reduce your asking for help to do simple things you can easily do yourself.

• Your kitchen and bathroom should not be left out in the whole modification. Create space in the kitchen for easy movement so also the bathroom; lower everything in this area to your level.

• Talk to the authority at your place of work of your need for ramp and other things that will ease your accessibility.

• If you live amidst people and don’t know how to cook, over time you can learn how to fix food that won’t be stressful to prepare just in case of a day you will be alone at home.

• If you live alone and can’t do any cooking, you can always order with adequate arrangement with any restaurant around.

• Find a reliable and trustworthy person to do some of your home shores, cleaning, washing etc. Home service for your hair cut and hair do is also not a bad idea.

• Get everything you often need close to you either in a basket or bedside drawers. Things like medicines (pain killers, diarrhea tablets, Ky jelly etc)

• Keep all your bottles (uriner, urine bottle, water bottles) close to you so you don’t have to wake anyone during the night.

• Use an appropriate wheelchair which the arm rest can be removable for easy transfer in and out, while transferring always cover the tyre with thick cloths or towel to prevent the bumbum scratching it.

• Raise your bed to the level of your wheelchair so you can transfer without help.

• Start practicing to do yourself things you may need people do for you, this will make you less reliant.

• Before you embark on any journey make sure you drain your urine and empty your bowel, this will keep you lively for a long time before you need to answer the call of nature.

• Go out free your mind, get busy with yourself. Look for what you can be doing when you are not at work.

• Don’t tie your happiness to your job or your partner because when you are out of whatever you attach yourself to then sadness sets in.

Conclusively, keep moving no matter how slow & rough it is, your patience and determination will drive you to success. Always have it in your mind that your healing comes to you every day by day even if you didn’t see much improvement, just keep the faith. Don’t let people from your past hold your present hostage and control your future, allow yourself love, joy, laughter and a life, better things will surely come your way soon before you know it. Our happiness lies inside of us, all you have to do is to look inward and do the right thing. God factor is not what to be joked with, Almighty kept you alive this way for a purpose, not many have the second chance to life you’re living on, remember many are six feet below, no matter your religion, get closer to God the best way you can, He will surely give you direction.

By Rhowi peer support group,2018.

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